Craniosacral Testimonials

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Treatment side-effects

My first session with Malcolm was 4 years ago, after trying craniosacral 6 years ago with a different practitioner. I had curiosity and intrigue on how the system works.

I was blown out of my mind the first session, arriving at the clinic with aches and pain, then leaving the clinic feeling rejuvenated of body aches, arriving home with a red face, and then having a crying bout a few hours later.

Every visit I sense different responses hips, knees. After some sessions I have anger, sadness and other feelings and reactions. It can be suprising but I am not worried as I know what is happening.

Obviously I had energy blockages that the gentle techniques released, making my little body respond. The fascia and connective tissue is now in a normal way.

Throughout the sessions I have felt my head (sphenoid bone) release energy, going right down to my toes, moving the coxis bone, aligning my spinal bone, together with my jaw.

Lina 60