The timing of heel lift therapy

I saw a client again today a year after I had seen her last. She was wearing a heel lift, glued down in her right boot. Her prime symptom was …

Sequential unfolding

A name for the levels of compensation in the body and the process of interpeting changes in assessment as those client compensations abate with therapy. Here is a brief case …

Barriers to learning CFT. Why is it so hard?

Examine factors that make learning this approach more problematic than it should be

Four reasons to know the cranial rhythm

Moves body parts, tactile sensitivity, precise engagement, research tool

Short Right Leg

Clinical observation of a correlation between anatomically short right leg and Scoliosis Capitus, with Sphenoid bone displacement to the right.

Craniosacral Testimonials

Watch a short video testimonial and read about emotional responses to treatment with Craniofascial Therapy

CRI Measurement – a selected History

Confidence in CRI Measurement studies conducted by Michael F Zanakis undermined by his conviction for fraud

Twitches occur using Equal Resistance in cranial therapy

Using Indirect Technique to support and exaggerate body distortions can uncover mobility restrictions that discharge as neuromuscular twitches.

Frequently Asked Questions – Treatments

Read answers about treatments with Malcolm Hiort using craniosacral, remedial massage techniques, gentle joint release and elements of lomi lomi, shiatsu and Bowen.

Craniosacral Booklist

A selected cranial therapy and anatomy bibliography, some with brief reviews, designed for students