The timing of heel lift therapy

I saw a client again today a year after I had seen her last. She was wearing a heel lift, glued down in her right boot. Her prime symptom was …

Sequential unfolding

A name for the levels of compensation in the body and the process of interpeting changes in assessment as those client compensations abate with therapy. Here is a brief case …

Barriers to learning CFT. Why is it so hard?

Examine factors that make learning this approach more problematic than it should be

Why isn’t it easier? –Barriers to learning Craniosacral

1 Misunderstood
The breadth and depth of Craniosacral Therapy is great, and this can make simplifications misleading.
Competing approaches within cranial therapy have fractured the field and confused people.
It …

Common Compensation Pattern

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Research studies show a prevalence of anatomic short leg that may surprise you. Most of your clients have this syndrome!

“Even a minor leg length discrepancy of as little as

Four reasons to know the cranial rhythm

Moves body parts, tactile sensitivity, precise engagement, research tool

Integrating Cranial Work into Medicine

Table 2


Table 1

Cranial Rate Table 1

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By Helen Peterson / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS
Sunday, April 19, …