The Still Point

The effect of a profound still point is the most remarkable thing I have encountered in 40 years plus of studying and practising a range of bodywork modalities. It results …

The timing of heel lift therapy

I saw a client again today a year after I had seen her last. She was wearing a heel lift, glued down in her right boot. Her prime symptom was …

Sequential unfolding

A name for the levels of compensation in the body and the process of interpeting changes in assessment as those client compensations abate with therapy. Here is a brief case …

Barriers to learning CFT. Why is it so hard?

Examine factors that make learning this approach more problematic than it should be

Why isn’t it easier? –Barriers to learning Craniosacral

1 Misunderstood
The breadth and depth of Craniosacral Therapy is great, and this can make simplifications misleading.
Competing approaches within cranial therapy have fractured the field and confused people.
It …

Common Compensation Pattern

whole back 481kb

Research studies show a prevalence of anatomic short leg that may surprise you. Most of your clients have this syndrome!

“Even a minor leg length discrepancy of as little as

Four reasons to know the cranial rhythm

Moves body parts, tactile sensitivity, precise engagement, research tool

Integrating Cranial Work into Medicine

CRI measurement parameters


Reported rates of the CRI

Cranial Rate Table 1