U.S.A. v Michael F. Zanakis


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Date: 12-15-1997

Case Style: United States of America v. Michael F. Zanakis

Case Number: Unknown

Judge: Unknown

Court: …

Scientist gets jail term


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METRO NEWS BRIEFS: NEW YORK; Scientist Gets Jail Term …

Jury finds customer put rat tail in meal


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Jury Finds Customer Put Rat Tail in

Short Right Leg

Clinical observation of a correlation between anatomically short right leg and Scoliosis Capitus, with Sphenoid bone displacement to the right.

Craniosacral Testimonials

Watch a short video testimonial and read about emotional responses to treatment with Craniofascial Therapy

CRI Measurement – a selected History

Confidence in CRI Measurement studies conducted by Michael F Zanakis undermined by his conviction for fraud

Skull bones


The key cranial bones:
Occiput at the back, Temporal bones on each side, and the central Sphenoid bone at the front of this photo.

These bones move with the Cranial …


Head_Shaping Head-shaping specimen skulls
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African head binding, Congo Head-shaped adult from the Congo
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Skull shaping, PNG Papua New Guinea infant head binding with twine
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Circumventricular Organs of the Third Ventricle

The intermediate ad neural lobes of the Pituitary gland, the pineal gland, the sub-commisural and sub-fornical organs, the median eminence and the organum vasculosum of the lamina terminalis are the seven CVO'S of the 3V.

Twitches occur using Equal Resistance in cranial therapy

Using Indirect Technique to support and exaggerate body distortions can uncover mobility restrictions that discharge as neuromuscular twitches.