Practical Details

Workshop venue, transport, payment, workshop aim

Comparison with Craniosacral, Biodynamic, SOT

How is Craniofascial distinct and how is it similar to other cranial therapies that exist in the consultation and training marketplace?

Frequently Asked Questions – Workshops

Read answers to questions from actual students regarding our workshops.

Cranial Rhythm modified by the Interthalamic Adhesion?

Original research article: Does the presence of an Interthalamic Adhesion reduce the cranial rhythm motion of the third cranial ventricle?

Learning Craniofascial Therapy

Find out more, whether you already have a package of skills and experience, or if you are less experienced and are checking out ‘cranial’ as a possibility to explore and learn.

Cranial mobility known in ancient times?

Have we forgotten about cranial bone mobility? View pictures of an ancient skull from Bulgaria with the sphenoid bone removed and learn what this represents

Did Sutherland invent Craniosacral?

William Garner Sutherland and cranial therapy - his pioneering role re-evaluated and compared to Descartes, Swedenborg, Cottam and Upledger

Intention in Craniosacral Therapy

Read an article that examines the role of therapist intention in Reiki, massage, Biodynamic Craniosacral and other cranial approaches to healing.

Benefits of Craniofascial Therapy

How might CFT help me? Read about cranial symptoms, fascial strain and other particular dysfunctions suited to treatment with Craniofascial

Right Scoliosis Capitus

Original Research based on clinical observation. Why does the Sphenoid usually display a right lateral strain pattern?